What We Offer:

  • San Diego’s largest collection of floor plans! We have the floor plan for thousands of houses in San Diego County, some of which date back to the 1950’s. We make them available to you anytime and anywhere.
  • A revolutionary search engine that allows you to search the SoCal Floorplan database by tract name, address, city, map page/grid, floor plan name, floor plan size, builder name or by zip code. These search methods can be used individually or in conjunction with others. For example, if you wanted to search for a Tulip floor plan in a particular city, you can do it simply by using both the plan name and city search functions.
  • Zoning maps for every city in San Diego County except for the City of San Diego and the City of El Cajon. El Cajon does not have zoning maps available at this time and San Diego is too large. We also have direct links to the zoning departments of all 19 of the municipalities that comprise San Diego County.
  • Plat maps for our tracts.
  • In many of our tract databases, we also have additional pertinent information such as site maps, address lists, original price sheets, additional features pages, elevations, etc.
  • CMDC books are coming soon! Our current collection dates back into the 1980’s and they will soon be on line and available at no additional cost.
  • Plat maps for our tracts.

How Can SoCal Floorplans Benefit Me?

SoCal Floorplans can save you precious time! Whether you are completing an appraisal assignment or you are obtaining information for a listing, you will need a floor plan, plat map and zoning information. Now, this information is all conveniently available in one place; SoCal Floorplans.


Appraisers; consider the following; if you are billing $400.00 for an appraisal that takes you 5 hours to complete, then simple math indicates that you are billing $80.00 per hour for your time. Conservatively speaking, it takes at least one hour to measure a house, draw in the interior walls (or pencil in the approximate room locations), download this into your appraisal program, and obtain specific zoning information and a plat map. Based upon the example above, SoCal Floorplans can save you an hour per appraisal or $80.00. At this rate of savings, SoCal Floorplans will pay for a full membership in less than four appraisals! How much is your time worth?

Real Estate Sales Professionals:

Agents; do you worry about being sued in these litigious times that we are living in? Have you ever taken a listing or shown a property to your buyers that may have been enlarged by addition or modified by the reconfiguration of interior walls? Occasionally, changes or additions are obvious but often times they are not, especially in older houses. SoCal Floorplans can help limit your exposure! Simply compare the builder’s floor plan with the house in question and you will instantly be able to determine if changes have been made and where. Since our floor plan collection includes tracts that date back to the 1950’s, the chances are good that we will have the tract that you are looking for!

Property Inspectors:

Property Inspectors, by using one of our floor plans, you will be able to accurately note the exact location of any item of concern. An examination of the plat map may offer insights into possible areas of external considerations that could easily be overlooked. Even more important to property inspectors is the message board on the home page of each tract. You can read the postings of other real estate professionals that may alert you to a condition prevalent in the area.

How Much Does It Cost?

Here are two convenient ways to access our data as a one-time user or as a member.

A full membership costs $200.00 and is for a maximum of one year, and is further limited to 200 tracts; whichever comes first. Once you have selected a tract, it will be available to you for the balance of your membership. This means that if you selected a particular tract you can re-access this information as many times as you wish and the subsequent visits to the tract WILL NOT count against your remaining balance. Once the 200 tracts have been accessed or the 1 year period has passed, the subscription agreement will be considered fulfilled and further access will required a renewal of the access agreement and payment of fee amount set forth in the fee schedule then applicable. If the one year period terminates before the database has been accessed 200 times, the remainder CANNOT be transferred to another user or carried over to a renewal of the contract. The subscription is considered to be over at the end of a one year period or at the time that the final (200th) occasion on which tract information has been accessed, which ever comes first.

The second option is to be a one-time user at the cost of $19.95 per tract. One-time users will not be given access to the zoning information, links or other data; only the tract information. One-time users will be given 5 calendar days to select and download a tract.