Can SoCal Floorplans really save me time?

Yes we can! Appraisers, consider the following scenario: If you charge $400.00 for an appraisal and it takes you 4 hours to complete the assignment, then you are effectively billing $100.00 for your time. For the purposes of this example, let’s say that it takes you  an hour to sketch the house, pencil in the interior walls (or even a rough room layout), download that into your computer and obtain zoning information.

Based upon this example, SoCal Floorplans will pay for itself after six appraisals. If the steps above take you an hour, then SoCal Floorplans will pay for itself after three appraisals. Only you know how much your time is worth, but clearly, SoCal Floorplans will save you time.

I understand the logic used above but I am not an appraiser; I am a real estate agent. How can SoCal Floorplans benefit me?

If you specialize in the listing side of transactions, SoCal Floorplans will greatly enhance your listing presentations. You will have all of our data available at your fingertips to assemble a professional listing presentation. This data includes floor plans, plat maps, zoning information, and in most cases original cost sheets, site maps, sequence sheets. We have set up a message board for each tract that you can read from and post to. This way, if you are going to make a listing presentation in an area that you are not familiar with, you will be able to read what other real estate professionals have posted. Examples might include information regarding expansive soils, external obsolescence, construction defects, etc. All of this data can be uploaded directly into a power-point presentation.

If you specialize in working with buyers, you will be able to allow your clients to preview numerous floor plans from the comfort of home, a coffee shop, your office or anywhere that you like! By weeding out any layouts that do not meet your client’s needs, you will save yourself precious time. This is especially important now that the market has slowed down from the torrid pace of yesteryear. Now that things are slower, we are seeing fewer agents referring out clients who may want to buy on the opposite side of the county. It is quite evident that eliminating several cross-county trips will save you time and money.

What does SoCal Floorplans offer besides the county's largest collection of floor plans?

“In addition to the largest database of floor plans in the county, we also have all accompanying plat maps and zoning links for all of the municipalities throughout San Diego County”.

Say I downloaded a tract but accidentally delete it, what happens then?

In the account profile section there is a list of all of the tracts that you accessed are posted. You can revisit any of these tracts and it will not count against your remaining balance.

DURING THE PERIOD OF YOUR CURRENT ACCOUNT. Once you have accessed your quota of tracts or the time period expires, then you will no longer be able to revisit a tract without it counting against your total.

What happens if I have remaining downloads available at the end of my one year subscription period?

Unfortunately, we are unable to roll-over any unused downloads at this time.

Is my membership transferable?

No, memberships are for individual users, not groups or offices.

What format is the data presented in and can I cut and paste it?

All of the data on the site is in an easy to use PDF format. You will need Adobe Acrobat to view these files which is available as a free download on our site. PDF is one of the easiest formats to work with and yes, you can cut and paste.

Will my credit card payment be secure on-line?

Yes. We have taken every precaution to insure that our site is as secure as possible. We have installed a 256 bit encryption system for the ultimate in security.

What if I want to subscribe but I prefer not to use a credit card? What are your payment options?

That is no problem! We can accept personal checks, cashier checks, money orders, etc. Once we have received word that the check has cleared, we will open your account. We even accept cash with proper identification!

What happens if I get out of the business or I am forced to move out of the area before I access all 200 tracts and before one year passes? Can I get a refund?

In those scenarios, we will examine your account and bill you for the tract files that have been downloaded. Please note that you will be billed at the rate that one-time users pay ($19.95 per download).

How often do you update SoCal Floorplans?

We are constantly updating SoCal Floorplans in an attempt to bring our customers the most up-to-date data available. Not only are we constantly obtaining new tract brochures, we are also regularly updating our existing tracts to add any new data that may not have been available at the time it was originally posted.

We also periodically check with the zoning departments of different cities to see if zoning maps have been updated, with the postal service when new zip codes are added or existing zip codes are changed and we also add new plat maps as appropriate.

Can I preview the tract file before I download it?

Yes, after you initially select a tract, you will see the thumbnails of all the data pages within.

Can I post the floor plans on the MLS?

Thank you for asking but our data IS NOT for publication on the MLS or any other source. Any form of public dissemination of our data is strictly prohibited and can result in the termination of your account.

I am a partner in a two person shop; can my partner and I share an account?

No, an account is for one individual and sharing is not allowed. Multiple log-on violations can result in the cancellation of your account so be careful!

Can I print the floor plans or do they have to be downloaded into my computer?

You can do either, whichever is easier for you. Remember, once you have accessed a tract file, you can go back to it at any time during your subscription period without it counting against your download totals!

I manage a large office, do you offer quantity discounts for my staff?

Yes! Provided that your staff joins within a certain time period. Please contact Kim Gillgren @ 760-295-6779 for details.

I am afraid that one of my co-workers has discovered my password; what can I do?

You can go into the management section of your account at any time to change your password, view a list of tract files that you have accessed and to view other account information.

If you suspect that somebody else has access to your account, we strongly encourage you to change your password. In addition to them stealing from you, multiple log-on violations can result in your account being closed.

What if I have a tract brochure or a floor plan that SoCal Floorplans does not have?

Then we want to hear from you! If you are able to provide information that we do not have and can use, then we will compensate you for it. The amount/type of compensation depends upon the volume of information that you are able to provide us

Do the floor plans have measurements?

At this time, we are only posting the information that was provided on the tract brochures. Please note that we have literally thousands of measured floor plans that we will be making available in the future in some sort of a co-op basis.

To obtain a measured floor plan, you must contribute one. This could potentially become a Pandora’s Box so we will be scrutinizing any measured floor plans VERY closely.

I have occasionally noticed that the builder shows certain plans to be one size but the tax assessor shows a different size. Why is this?

This situation occurs quite often and can be attributed to numerous reasons. Some of these include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. The builder relies upon the architectural drawings and sophisticated software to calculate gross living area. The assessor does not have access to this information in electronic form and is forced to calculate the gross living area without CAD programs. The simple act of rounding dimensions can result in a discrepancy.
  2. Additionally, the cut-outs for upper level stairwells are the source of discrepancies as are window seats and bay windows.
  3. To further complicate things, there is great discrepancy in the manner by which condominiums are measured; outside of exterior wall to outside of exterior wall, interior to interior of exterior walls or even the mid-point has been used.
  4. Builders occasionally alter their building designs. If these changes are not picked up by the assessor, then there is a size discrepancy.

All of the tracts that are posted are black and white images, is it possible to obtain color scans?

Contact us! In many cases, we still have the original tract brochures. If we do, then we should be able to re-scan your desired brochure in color and send it to you. Please note that some of our tract brochures date back to the 1950’s. Many of these older tracts are only available to us in black and white.

Just how many tract developments are in San Diego?

Another good question. We contacted the county offices and were told that their records for such things only go back to 1982. Between January, 1982 and September 2007, there have been 2,856 tracts built. This includes new SFR tracts, new condo complexes and condo conversions. SoCal Floorplans currently is comprised of well over 4,000 tracts with hundreds more that are currently in the pipelines. SoCal Floorplans is not claiming to have each and every tract built since 1982; however, we are very confident that we have the vast majority of them!

I am looking for a particular tract but, I do not know the tract name. What do I do?

I am glad that you asked! One of SoCal Floorplans strongest points is our user-friendly search engine. If you go into the “advanced search” section, you have a number of search parameters that you can use. If you have the address of a house and would like to know the name of the tract that it is located in, simply type in the street number and name and hit the search button. SoCal Floorplans advanced search feature allows you to search by any or all of the following criteria:

  1. Tract name
  2. Address
  3. Street Name
  4. City
  5. Builder name
  6. Zip code

These search criteria can be used individually or in combination with other criteria to give you a very specific search that is not available ANYWHERE else! The fewer search parameters that you use, the greater (broader) your search results will be. The more search parameters that you use, the more defined your results will be.

What if you do not have the tract that I am looking for?

Contact us! Chances are that if we do not have the tract we do not know about it! We cannot promise that we will be able to find the tract, however, we do promise to redouble our efforts to find it and include it into our database. If we do find it, we will gladly email you the information even before it is posted on the site.

I noticed that one of the site maps shows a particular house as being a plan 4 (a two story house) but I know for a fact that the house in question is a plan 1 (a one story house) why the discrepancy?

I have experienced the same situation. I contacted an executive with a leading national developer and posed that question to him. His response was that the site plans are laid out, in most cases, years before the first shovel of dirt is ever turned over. If the developer’s research later reveals that there is a market preference for one plan or design over another, the builder will probably change the compositional “mix” of the floor plans in the tract.

In some geographical areas, the market may prefer one story houses and in other areas, the market may prefer two story designs. Typically, one story houses require a larger lot than two story houses (setback requirements, floor area ratios, etc.) and in areas where the land value is so high, such as San Diego, builders are likely to change the overall tract layout to maximize profits and to provide the market with the most quickly absorbed product.

What is the purpose of the message boards that you have posted on each of the tract home pages?

The simple answer is to make all of us more informed real estate professionals whether we are appraisers, real estate agents, property inspectors, lenders, reviewers, underwriters or are the end users. It allows us to post information that we feel is pertinent and it also affords us the ability to obtain information about an area that we may not otherwise get. For example, a person who specializes in the south bay area may not have the specific expertise of north county tracts. A north county agent may post in the “Rancho Ponderosa” tract a note detailing the problems with their fireplaces. Rancho Ponderosa was built with pre-cast fireplaces constructed by a company known as Rampart General. These were built off-site and
trucked down to the tract, and erected. These fireplaces have been prone to cracking. Unfortunately, repair is usually not possible and generally a cracked Rampart General Precast Fireplaces must be replaced. ***Please note that Rampart General Precast Fireplaces are not unique to Rancho Ponderosa; SDAR reports that these have been installed in tracts located in Santee, Tierrasanta, Rancho Penasquitos and Rancho Bernardo.*** The point is that all of us in the real estate industry are better off with information!

Additional examples of what may be posted are:

  1. A comment on unexploded World War II ordinance in the Tierrasanta community (a former military training base)
  2. A comment on Polybutylene plumbing originally used in a tract.
  3. A comment on an area being located in a flood zone.
  4. A comment on an area of expansive soils.
  5. A comment on methane gas which is found throughout the county but in high concentrations in 4S Ranch, Bernardo Springs, Bernardo Lakes; all in the Rancho Bernardo area, The Bridges and Crosby Estates; both in Rancho Santa Fe, Sycamore Ranch in Fallbrook, Lakeview Estates in Spring Valley/Rancho San Diego area. A comment regarding communities in litigation for construction defects.