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Welcome to SoCal

Welcome to the home of the largest collection of San Diego tract brochures anywhere! SoCal Floorplans has thousands of floor plans for hundreds of thousands of houses throughout San Diego County. Not only does SoCal Floorplans have the brochures from the newest tracts but it also has brochures that date back to the 1950’s!

Time Saved = Money Earned
Appraisers, by using SoCal Floorplans, you can reduce your preparation time by as much as one hour per report. In seconds you will have access to tens of thousands of floor plans plus zoning maps (or direct links to the City/County websites) and plat maps. How long does it take you to measure a house, look up or call a municipality for zoning and obtain a plat map? Only you know how much your time is worth but the chances are this service will pay for itself in savings within no time.

Quality Presentations = Better Results
Agents, imagine the convenience of having many of the necessary tools for a listing presentation available at anytime, anyplace. No more relying on title companies for plat maps or floor plans; you can have them at your fingertips. Additionally, you and your clients can preview floor plans and eliminate any that are not up to their standards. This will save you time and money.

Clear Diagrams = No Surprises
Property Inspectors, by using one of our floor plans, you will be able to accurately note the exact location of any item of concern. An examination of the plat map may offer insights into possible areas of external considerations that could easily be overlooked. Even more important to property inspectors is the message board on the home page of each tract. You can read the postings of other real estate professionals that may alert you to a condition prevalent in the area.

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